Starting From Scratch

This is the start of something new. Something I haven’t done before.

Sure I’ve had other blogs. My Tumblr has been going for years now, a random collection of everyday musings and frustrations, shared links and pictures, the odd open letter and many posts that go along the lines of:

“Wow, I haven’t posted anything here for aaaaages! I’m gonna start posting again and stick to it this time.”

These are usually followed by an influx of posts over a week or two…and then radio silence for three months. Not the most effective way to blog right?

Then there was the other blog I set up a year or two ago in order to ‘do it properly’. This existed as a completely blank page somewhere on the web, up until a few weeks ago when I finally deleted it. That one clearly wasn’t working either.

I always had an excuse for not blogging consistently. I needed to focus on my degree. I’d committed my time to volunteering. I was working long hours. I was moving house, planning a wedding, applying for new jobs, had to do the shopping, cleaning, cooking, needed a nap.  The list is endless. I was always busy. There was always something else. A lot of those busy things are still true, as they are for most people. But there was another problem.

My blogs had no purpose. They were just…there.

So that’s why this is new. This one has a purpose. I want to share things. I want to connect. Ideally I’d like this blog to grow and maybe one day fit into the business I dream of creating…but let’s not get carried away.

Unlike my other blogs, for this one I have researched…


…and planned…


…until I had a firm idea of where I wanted to go and felt prepared to start posting.

So this is me. Starting from scratch. I’m excited. And scared. Because I want this to work, but I don’t know if it will. Let’s see shall we…


Some of the things I want to share over the coming weeks, months and (hopefully) years include:

  • Crafty projects & tutorials
  • Resources for work with young people
  • Things that inspire me and things to reflect on
  • Personal stories and projects
  • Recommendations for books/music/films/blogs/websites etc

The pictures in this post were taken by me and edited using the A Beautiful Mess photography app.

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