Organised Chaos


This is what my desk looked like today. In fact this seems to be what it looks like most days at the moment. I would like to think it is organised chaos.

It’s not.

At the moment I work in a big secondary school, in a pastoral support role, and boy is it hectic. I like to think that I’m good at prioritising and organising myself, but this role has been a whole new challenge. How do you prioritise when everything is a priority? Staying organised is a constant battle when every task seems to roll into another until my brain is a big jumbled mess of half remembered to-do’s. Combine this with the fact that 99% of what comes through my door is negative and that leaves me wanting to scoff a chocolate bar the size of my head by about 8:45am every morning. Maybe 9am on a good day.

It’s tough. Much harder than I ever would have anticipated. It’s challenged me personally as well as professionally, and I’m still working out how I feel about it and where I want this to go.

But for all that it’s challenging and frustrating and sometimes upsetting, I know that what I’m doing is important. Our young people have such huge and varied expectations to deal with and it seems to get tougher all the time. Occasionally I hear comments about young people not knowing how lucky they are, and I get where this comes from, I do. In many respects young people today are privileged. But they are also facing new challenges every day. And I tell you what, I wouldn’t go back to being a teenager if you paid me!


One of the things I’m hoping to include in my little blogging adventure is sharing some resources for working with young people. If there are any issues/areas you’d particularly like to see resources for, or if you have any suggestions for specific resources leave a comment and I’ll do my best to include them!

5 thoughts on “Organised Chaos

  1. It is fantastic that people like you do such amazingly important jobs. Helping young people who will form the future generation is amongst one of the most valuable things anyone could do. xx

    1. Gosh! A second lovely and clearly completely unbiased comment! 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words. Helping the future generation sounds like a very daunting task, I prefer to think of helping make the future of individuals a little brighter. Managing to make a noticeable difference to even one person would be amazing. If that then contributes in some way to ‘the bigger picture’ then all the better!
      Thanks for visiting!

  2. You are doing incredibly valuable work, and out of the chaos helping some young people to thrive. In terms of resources I think that what many young people lack is the opportunity, confidence or the resources to explore their more creative sides. As the emphasis increases once again on academic achievement, those who struggle with traditional academic subjects will become even more marginalised and their more alternative skills & potential will be overlooked & remain undeveloped. I think it is important to help them to find out what they enjoy and are good at, & to make them feel that this is valued. Don’t know how this could be developed as a resource, but if anyone understands this issue it is you.

    1. What a lovely and completely unbiased (cough cough) comment 🙂

      I completely agree that young people would benefit from more creative opportunities and also think that our response to them needs to be more flexible and creative. Not always easy to do, particularly in a school setting, but I have a few buys and pieces up my slece for this sort of thing – so watch this space.
      Thanks for visiting!

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