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A Little Bit Of Lovely: Flow Magazine

A couple of months ago whilst browsing round Magma in Manchester (FYI, fabulous shop which you should visit) I came across a very pretty looking magazine which proclaimed to be “for paper lovers”. Well that is definitely me. I picked up the magazine and flicked through it (soooo pretty!)…and put it back on the shelf (sensible head = not a necessary purchase). I wandered round some more, came back to the pretty magazine, picked it up and repeated the process. Eventually I left the shop. Magazineless.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was back in said awesome shop and repeating the above experience when hubby convinced me I should treat myself (he’s good at that). So I did. I went home the proud owner of Flow Magazine.


I devoured EVERY PAGE of this beautiful publication (unheard of for me) in one sitting. And since finishing it I keep going back. It’s THAT good. Gorgeous illustrations and graphics, inspiring stories and insightful articles, each page is a delight. So of course I absolutely had to share it with you.

Here are some of my favourite pages and pieces:

Look at this gorgeous illustrated divider (one of four) which, when I can bring myself to pull them out of the magazine, I intend to put up around my desk and work space to add some colour and cheer up my days. I also love this “how to feel good” prompt page with some thought provoking questions to complete. (I adore interactive pages like this and Flow has some drawing lessons pages as well as this one. Brilliant!)

This fascinating article on creativity in South Sudan shares the stories of some truly inspirational women who are not only creating beautiful things, but beautiful opportunities in difficult circumstances. A fantastic insight into a very different culture, showing the power of creativity in building better lives.

I knew I’d love this one before I’d even started reading it! More good reasons to read a book! We’ve already established my love of reading, so I was thrilled to read about the research which found reading is good for your health and reduces stress levels. Quick, where’s my bookcase?! This whole article is also beautifully presented, as though if I managed to actually sink into the page I would be submerged in calm. Lovely.

Divas from the past provides a tantalising glimpse into the lives of now retired actors, opera singers and directors from Russia. It’s fabulous to see pictures of them now, next to pictures from their hey days, and still see the presence and poise that must have helped make them great!

This “what are you up to?” section provides a snapshot of the lives and projects of three creative entrepreneurs from around the world. If, like me, you are a wannabe creative type then this is definite inspiration and food for thought. Also these lovely folk are definitely ones to look out for.

I actually really struggled to pick which pages to list in this post because it’s all just so good! I love that Flow is divided into four sections: Simplify your life – Feel connected – Live mindfully – Spoil yourself, and each section has a little round up of relevant loveliness. From unique shops to spoil yourself in, to tips for home growing to help you live mindfully, it’s all just so gorgeous you have to see it for yourself. Also there are freebies! Who doesn’t love a good freebie? And as if the magazine wasn’t enough they also have an iPad app with extra lovely stuff (free at the moment so get it quick!). I’m going to shut up now so you can go buy/order/download a bit of Flow.