Non-problem Problem

So this is a very silly whining-about-nothing post. I’ve just encountered one of those first world problems, you know the type that really doesn’t matter but feels like it has been sent to try you. Yep. One of those.

So tomorrow morning me and Mr H are flying out to Amsterdam to visit his utterly fabulous sister. Yay! We decided since it was only a short visit we would travel hand luggage only. So I bought some handy little less-than-one-hundred-mil. travel bottles so we could take shampoo and be clean and stuff.


Lovely cute and handy bottle! And they came in an equally handy little clear ziplock bag and with a super handy funnel to help you get the shampoo in.

Or so I thought…

Turns out that “handy” little funnel come straight from the devils own workshop, and is designed specifically to make getting the shampoo from one bottle to the other as tricky and messy as possible.


Shampoo everywhere with only a little dribble in the travel bottle. Cue me trying to scrape it back in (shampoo is expensive you know!) making even more of a mess. The funnel also creates incredibly useful air bubbles which forces the shampoo back out if the bottle.

No. This was not how this was supposed to go. Out of curiosity I decided to try the second bottle without the funnel. Worked like a charm.


So FYI all you lovely people who might be travelling and in need of handy mini shampoo bottles…IGNORE THE FUNNEL! It is NOT your friend.

Hope you all have some fun planned for the next few days.

2 thoughts on “Non-problem Problem

  1. I’m with you on that one, however, the silver lining here is that you now have a very handy funnel to decant whisky in to hip flask (tried and tested 😉) x

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