Off on the Right Foot


This. This is why I have such a love hate relationship with my job. I want to change the world (or at least in some small way the worlds of the people I work with) but I also want to have fun…which can be hard to do when you’re dealing with crying/shouting/fighting/troublesome families/troublesome students/troublesome people-in-general, plus the inordinate amount of admin and paperwork that comes with it, ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY!

And I don’t really know what to do about that. Definitely makes planning my days difficult. But I’ll keep trying until I come up with a better idea.

Image found on Pinterest.

Whether you are changing the world, having a hell of a good time, both, neither, whatever, I hope you have a lovely week!

One thought on “Off on the Right Foot

  1. Hang in there and remember that the only people that can REALLY change the life of anyone is that person themselves. But also remember that the work that you do is a really valuable catalyst for them. And as for the paperwork – there are only a fixed number of hours in the day, and it will still be there tomorrow :-). Lyfe

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