Curtains Close…

Another show done. The stage make-up is back in the bottom of my drawer, the costumes are packed away. My muscles are still aching, the music still goes round my head, and I can still feel my feet pounding the stage.


I have been dancing with the same school for 23 years and haven’t missed a single show. The current principle joined us 15 years ago and she has become more than a teacher to us. She is a friend. She has also made the school something incredibly special. All are welcome. All can join in learning and sharing the universal language that is dance. All are valued. All are loved. All are given the opportunity to shine.

This latest show is testament to that. The rehearsal time was filled with the mandatory blood, sweat, tears and tantrums. But also with copious amounts of laughter and fun. Right through the school from the teeny tiny pre-juvi ballet class through to the adult tappers, we all cheered and clapped each other on. We are one big family.

And these girls especially…





It all got a bit emotional back stage last night. We’re all growing up (reluctantly) and it’s reached the point where each show we get to do now is a bonus. It’s a real possibility that something could change any minute which means we won’t be able to do the next one, or won’t be able to do as much. Jobs could take us away, we’re getting married and there’s the possibility of growing families on the horizon. And even though the things that would change are all exciting and amazing and things we want to happen, it’s still sad that we won’t always be what we are now.

I cannot remember a time when dancing wasn’t part of my life. I cannot imagine a time when it will no longer be so. But I acknowledge it will change, and I know these girls, and our incredible teacher, will always be my dancing family. Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, the show must go on.

Well done to all the incredible dancers at The Lina Monti School of Dance – another fabulous performance. It’s a privilege to dance with you. 🙂

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    1. Hey thanks for the suggestion – just had a look and love it! Look forward to seeing what else goes up. Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

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