People Who Inspire


This is my dad. I love this guy. And today is his birthday, so he gets a whole special post!

My dad has been my rock and my strength and my inspiration for longer than I can remember. He has loved me beyond belief, given me everything I could need or want or hope for, but never allowed me to become spoilt, always showing me how to appreciate every little and big thing I am blessed with. He showed me the value of high expectations, but let me know it was ok if we don’t always meet them.

He has given me more happy memories that I can count. Has helped me grasp so many opportunities, overcome difficulties, celebrate successes. I would not be who I am without him being who he is and I am eternally grateful for all that he is and all that he does, and that fact that he is not only my dad but my friend as well.

I am one lucky girl.

So happy birthday dad. Love you forever.

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