My Life in Notebooks

I have already shared with you lovely people my love of books, so today I thought I would share my love of notebooks!


This is my current pile of notebooks. Most of them are about half full and there are a couple of lovely blank ones just waiting to be filled with beautiful randomness. These notebooks serve all sorts of purposes in my life and I just don’t quite feel complete without a notebook by my side/on my desk/in my bag. I also find it is essential to purchase a new notebook whenever there is a new chapter in my life. New job, new house, new year. I also find it necessary to purchase a new notebook for no reason at all.

Here are some of my currently most used and favourite notebooks:


This is my blog planning notebook. A large moleskine cahier journal with square pages that I’ve added some decoration to with washi tape (who doesn’t love washi tape?), this notebook gets all my rough blog post plans. I’ve added some washi tape tabs to divide it into months, and at the beginning of each month I taped in a month to view calendar page so I can do a plan for the month and see where to add in certain posts. This went everywhere with me in my first month of blogging so I could add ideas and draft out posts as they came to me. It’s not taken me long to be a bit more ad hoc with my blog plans but I still use it to see how the days/weeks/months posts are panning out.


This lovely little red dude come with me most places and is used to collect quotes and thoughts. These tend to appear in my art journal at some point or get used to brighten up my office walls. I love flicking back through this books and reading the words that have spoken to me, touched me, made me laugh or smile. Words are beautiful.



This is the notebook I use most at the moment and I love it!! It’s a great little pocket size diary but it’s all the different sections and types of pages it has that make it my favourite. At the from there are month to view calendar spreads which I use to doodle my month. It makes for a lovely page to look back at when it’s finished. Next there are two week to view spreads which work well as a never day diary, especially given that they are interspersed with notes pages and that they aren’t pre-dated so you can pick this up at any point in the year and start it from when you wish. Towards the back there are contacts pages and a whole variety of notes pages including lined, squared and blank. There are also checklist pages (great for those to-do lists) and all the sections are separated by beautiful Andy Warhol illustrations and quotes. And to top it all there is a handy little pocket in the back. The only things that were missing from this diary were a ribbon to mark the page and a pen loop but I was able to add those easily myself so now it is perfect! Lovely.


These last two are my blank books that are awaiting something wonderful. As you can see one of the aspires to be a novel. But I’m not sure I’ve got one of those in me. However the layout (a blank and lined page on each spread) is my preferred layout for art journalling so I might save it until my current art journal is full. The other, with the gorgeous illustrations on the cover and pages, I think I’m going to use for planning at work. Hopefully the cheerful pages will brighten my days.

So there you have it. My life in notebooks!

Are you a stationary fanatic too?

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