People who Inspire


I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned the amazing woman who is my mother on here before, but today was her birthday so it is definitely time to celebrate her amazing self a bit more…

My mum is incredible. She is strong, compassionate, creative, intelligent, loving, funny, thoughtful and fiercely optimistic. She is a constant source of comfort and inspiration. She is one of my best friends.

She loves books and music and chocolate and tea. I have vivid memories of singing loudly with her in the kitchen and in the car on the way to school, and a million other memories, big and small, which remind me how lucky I am. She has made me so much of who I am today.

She is still one of the first people I want to run to for a hug when things aren’t going well, and one of the first I want to call when I have good news.

An amazing woman and friend I would be lucky just to know her. To have her as my mum…well…there’s just no explaining how blessed I am.

Happy birthday mum, love you beyond words.x

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