My Life Right Now

Sooooo it appears I have been neglecting you…

My poor little blog has had next to no attention for too long. But I have a perfectly valid excuse (or ten)! You may remember this post? You know, the one where we GOT OUR OWN HOUSE!! Well it turns out that moving house, and then all the unpacking and building of furniture, and the ‘oh look the boiler appears to be leaking, we should probably get someone to fix that’ fun, and the deciding which rooms to decorate, and how to decorate, and then the whole lack of internet thing, means that the blog has had to take a bit of a back seat. Which I think is fair enough really.

But now the internet is back, most of the boxes are unpacked and we are slowly getting to the really fun bits of choosing wallpapers and paints and furnishings, I decided it was time to share a bit of our home with you. So here are just a few pictures of our house right now, and I can’t wait to share more as we start to make this lovely space our own.

Our lovely red door!


One of the very first things we did was get rid of the hideous plastic blind (that didn’t work and didn’t fit the window) in the lounge and replace it with pretty curtains. I love the double track which means if we want a bit of privacy, as the window looks straight onto the street, but still want light we can just draw our white curtains and leave the heavier red ones open! Perfect.


Our lovely little dining room. I’m so excited about this space and all the possibilities it brings. I can’t wait to start having dinner parties in here! (‘Cause you know I’m that sophisticated…)

Our little kitchen. You can’t tell from the pictures but this lovely little space is, unfortunately, very tired and a bit broken in places. It’s also very very humid in here! We will probably look at replacing the whole thing at some point but that has to wait way down at the bottom of the to-do list because…you know…we bought a house…and have no money. So time to start saving again!

So that’s the ground floor! The first floor is slightly less organised and unpacked so I’ll post some pictures when it’s a little more presentable. Thanks for letting me share, I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely summer weather! 🙂

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