Off On the Right Foot



This has popped up on my Pinterest feed a lot recently. I think I may have pinned it about four times, calmly ignoring the ‘looks like you already pinned this‘ warning, because it is me to a T. I think it is absolutely one of the best things to find yourself in conversation, where you started out chatting about something possibly rather ordinary, like a book or a film, and seven hours later you’re still talking, having moved through every topic under the sun to now find yourself in deep space contemplating the origins of the universe.

These conversations are special because whether you’re talking to your mum or your best friend, or someone who you sat next to on a train, a deep connection is forged. They are the sort of conversations you will remember in years to come. You may not remember exactly what was talked about, but you’ll remember it happening. You’ll remember the feeling of connecting with another person, even if your views were opposing, because it’s just so HUMAN. There is something remarkable about a shared contemplation of life, the universe and everything. So next time you find yourself in a meandering conversation, where you started at A and suddenly find yourself at Llamas, embrace it! You never know when you might stumble across a better answer than 42.


Image found here.

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