Art Journal Pages

Better late than never, I finally got around to finishing the pages for our wedding and honeymoon. Yay!


For the wedding spread I printed off a bunch of our wedding pictures as tiny thumbnail images and created a little timeline of our day out of them. I left a few spaces in between some of the picture to add in little comments. I really love how this page turned out and I had SO much fun going through the pictures to decide which ones capture the little highlights of the day. It’s especially great because these pictures aren’t necessarily the ‘perfect’ ones that might end up in and album or on a wall, but show lots of tiny precious moments that made our day so fantastic!


For the honeymoon pages I used thumbnail images again (although slightly larger ones this time) and instead of a timeline I just picked out a few of my favourite snaps that captured the essence of that special holiday. On the opposite page I listed words and thoughts and memories from our honeymoon to jog our memories about the little things when we look back.

This was such a lovely way to spend time over the summer and in all honestly it really made me want to journal more. I’d hit a but of a creative slump recently, not really knowing where to go. I’ve had hundreds of vague ideas but not found the right one to get stuck into. Turns out it was this one!!

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