Letter to a Loved One


Dearest Granny,

It turns out that no matter how long and full a life you get to enjoy with the people you love, when one of them is suddenly gone, it seems you never had nearly enough time. There’s more to say. More to share. More love to give.

I’m writing to you because…well I don’t really know why. It’s not that I have anything in particular to say. Just that I want to say something. To let you know how much you have meant to so many. That you are missed and loved. Always.

Your absence leaves a gap in the lives of those who love you. But because of who you are and what you brought to our lives, this gap is not a dark, bleak empty thing as one might expect. Instead it is filled with light and warmth and love and memories. So many precious memories. The loss we feel is paired with our love, and happiness at the thought of the your peace.

When I feel sorrow creeping in I picture your reunion with the love of your life. The joy in your embrace, the happy tears shed, the endearments whispered. Looking out of my window I can see you clearly amongst the autumn leaves (in a purple coat with a red hat that doesn’t match), holding hands with Grandpa and swapping stories, laughing, and happy, and healthy. Not a shadow of pain or discomfort on your faces. Only joy and endless endless love.

I see you surrounded by dogs, all with adoring faces and wagging tails, looking for a chocolate drop or a yoghurt pot to lick from your hand! You see it wasn’t just people whose lives you changed and brought happiness to. I’ve never known anyone who loved and cherished their animal family in the way you did. Oh how happy you made all those dogs and guinea pigs and hamsters and birds! That is part of your beauty; you love all with your whole heart.

I can’t tell you how strange it is to feel at once such sadness to not have you here, and such gladness at the thought of the joyful welcome you will have received. I hope that you can see and know and feel the love of everyone you have touched. Not just now in this moment of earthly grief, but all that has ever been and ever will be felt. I hope you will feel it now and forever and know that all that love exists because of YOU.

You are the most incredible and inspiring woman. Thank you for all you have been and done. I love you. Always.

Jen xx

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