Letter to Father Christmas

Dear Father Christmas,

For Christmas this year I was wondering if you could add an extra day into the week? Or maybe just an hour or two into each day? I’ve really been quite good and this is a very selfless present to ask for because it would benefit EVERYBODY. Even you. I bet you would like an extra 52 days in the year to check who is naughty and nice, finish building toys or even just to put your feet up for a bit.

I just find there is simply not enough time to get through all the things I want/need to. Here are the things I hoped I’d get through today:
Finish the lesson plans for my intervention week
Collate the resources for said intervention week
Do a food shop
Trip to John Lewis for fairy lights (because it’s always necessary to have move fairy lights)
Cook something nice for tea
Read through the requirements for my portfolio
Read some of my book
Watch something Christmassy with the hubby
Plan tomorrow’s lessons
Do some exercise (since there’s no dancing at the moment.)
Update the (long neglected) blog

If course I had to go to work etc. as well so I managed to do about three of these things in the end. I think you see my point.

So, a bit of extra time stuffed in my stocking this year would be lovely, thank you.

Best Christmassy wishes
J. xx

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