Off On the Right Foot


Anxiety is my monster. My biggest, scariest demon. I feel like I have spent forever battling it; trying to squeeze it out of my brain, run it through with a sword or knock it out with a frying pan to achieve some triumphant victory. It always seems to come back.

Right now though, it’s a teeny tiny little beastie. I’m more calm and less anxious at this moment than I have been in a long time.

It feels pretty good.

It takes some effort to keep it that way but I am determined not to use my imagination to feed my monster. I am determined not to let fear hinder my ability to live and love my life fully. Instead I will use my imagination for creativity. I will make things of beauty and things of usefulness and things of both.

If you find yourself battling your own anxiety beastie know that you are NOT alone and they CAN be beaten. So scribble it out with your pen or your paintbrush, smush it with your stylus or your point shoe or whatever means of creativity you have to hand! Redirect your imagination and don’t feed the monster.

Image found here.

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