Name Your Favorite…

I’m taking a leaf out of Mushy Cloud’s book and stealing this favourites meme that appeared on Sunday Stealing.

So here goes, I name my favourite…

Place – at home curled up on my sofa (or in my bed) with a good book and my lovely hubby.

Person – well I can’t just pick one person now can I?! I have favourite people…Dave is my favourite husband…my mum is my favourite mum and my dad is my favourite dad…my brother is my favourite brother…this could go in for a long time…

Color – Red!

Food – mmmm, tricky. I’m always a lover of chocolate but if we are talking ‘proper’ food I’m currently a bit of a chicken pie fan. Also love potatoes cooked any way you can think of! And mango! Mmmm. Food.

Smell – wood smoke. And freshly laundered bedding.

Book – ONE? Haha! No. Not possible to name one. You can see a small selection of my favourites here, but you should bear in mind this list is by no means complete and also grows on a regular basis.

Movie – depends entirely on my mood. I’m a sucker for You’ve Got Mail, it’s my go to feel good movie, so that’s probably a steady favourite.

Music artist – I go through phases but Newton Faulkner definitely makes regular appearances on my playlists.

Thing to do when bored – Read. Journal. Pinterest.

Genre of literature – fantasy and/or young adult.

Magazine – without a shadow of a doubt it’s got to be Flow magazine. Beautiful beautiful loveliness in a papery package. See here.

Texture – paper. Mostly the edges of books. I also love that ridiculously soft material that babies plush toys are made from.

Time of day – evening. Or lunch time.

Day of the week – Saturday, there are so many possibilities!

Thing to learn about – science (especially space!), history, literature, religion. I like learning most things really. Learning in general is one of my favourites.

Thing about yourself – the person I am becoming.

Lifehack (a time saving, efficiency technique for life) – curling my hair in my sleep using only a headband!! See here.

So that’s me! What are your favourites?

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