It’s #TimeToTalk – Seek Happiness


Happiness may not be something we will feel every day. There will be some days that are just downright rubbish and feeling happy is momentarily beyond us. But that shouldn’t stop us from seeking happiness every day. We should still be looking for it because if we’re not we might miss it and then we will have gone a day without happiness for no reason. So seek happiness, every day.

It’s equally important to spread happiness. You might be the one to bring a little happy light into someone’s darkest day. So seek to find and seek to spread happiness wherever you go.

Need some help or inspiration to do that? I know I do sometimes. So have a look at some of these lovely links and let them inspire you to hunt out the happy in your life.

Ten Proven Ways to Live a Happy Life
– Find happiness for 100 days with 100 Happy Days challenge
– Look at some of the resources and challenges over at Action for Happiness.

Having said all this, it’s ok to have those days where we just aren’t happy. They happen. Sometimes for no reason we can fathom. We need to be understanding of each other and acknowledge that every feeling is valid. Every feeling is part of our existence and our experience, good and bad. Sometimes we have to ride out the bad days and trust that tomorrow will be better.

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