Off On the Right Foot

Hands up if, like me, you crave this simplicity. 

Yeah I thought so.  

There is so much ‘have to’ and ‘should do’ in our lives. So many deadlines, so many expectations (ones we place on ourselves as well as those that come from other people). 

Realistically it isn’t feasible for us to live the wonderful simplicity and freedom described in the image above. Realistically we have jobs to do, houses to keep in order, people to look after, bills to pay. However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t allow ourselves a little bit of simplicity. In fact we should make a conscious effort to set aside some time that we use just for us. To take a nap if we’re tired. To read a book for no reason other than the enjoyment of it. To listen to good music, make something, go for a walk, sit quietly. Just pause in the inevitable business and take pleasure in being alive.

This week I hope you make the time to stop and take whatever kind of pause you need, just for you.

Image found here.

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