Those Who Build Me Up

There are just so many people who I want to thank and recognise for their support, encouragement and inspiration in my life but if I try and list everyone this is going to end up being a ridiculously long post. So I’m just going to stick with four people. Four people who inspire me every single day. Four people who make a difference, not just to me but to everyone they come into contact with. To those people I want to say thank you…

Thank you Mum for being an inspiration. For being loving, sensitive, brave, hardworking, fair, strong and open minded. Thank you for always being proud of me, for encouraging me to do what I wanted to do, for raising me to know that I should strive to be the best version of myself, not the version that society might want me to be, and for always making sure I knew that beauty is not necessarily something that can be seen on the outside but is something we should always try to be on the inside. Thank you for becoming an awesome business woman and playing an active part in promoting women in business. I always feel proud when people tell me I am just like you.

Thank you Dad for always valuing me, supporting me, encouraging me to do whatever I wanted to do. Thank you for being loving, sensitive, brave, hardworking, fair, strong and open minded. Thank you for treating the women in your life with respect so I grew up knowing that is what I deserved. Thank you for never doubting that I could do anything I put my mind and heart to. Thank you for raising me to know that my value does not lie in my gender but in my whole person. Thank you for openly valuing the women you come into contact with and for taking an active part in fighting for gender equality.

Thank you brother for being an incredible, inspiring, creative, loving, sensitive, strong, young man. Thank you for being so committed to equality. Thank you for making a conscious effort every day to encourage, support and promote the work of women in your industry. Thank you for taking a stand against inequality. I am so proud to be your sister.

Thank you husband for loving and valuing me for exactly who I am. Thank you for never having any expectation of me that you would not also place on yourself. Thank you for valuing my happiness and career just as much as your own. Thank you for supporting me in my choices and for constantly and consistently treating me with love and respect. I was fortunate enough to have found you as a friend, to be married to you is an overwhelming joy and a privilege.

Love you guys.

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