Random Round Up

A few fabulous finds from around the web:

  • Lover of Instagram? Lover of books? You definitely need #bookstagram in your life! 
  • As I grow up (ish) I continually develop my appreciation for Harry Potter, and more recently for J K Rowling. I think she is an incredibly inspiring woman so I am very excited to read her new book Very Good Lives. For a sneaky taste of the wonderfulness within the book have a read of this.
  • Colouring in for grown ups? Yes please!
  • My favourite thing of the election so far is definitely #milifandom – I’m still not completely decided who gets my vote in May but I think this is an amazing demonstration of the positive power of social media and young people making their voices heard.
  • Body image is a big issue at the moment. There are so many conversations going on around body shaming and at the same time the internet is filled with ‘fitspiration’ which so often makes people feel inadequate rather than inspired. I love this latest contribution from Cassey Ho, of Blogilates. I was really impressed with Cassey’s video and it prompted me to check out some of her workouts. I even downloaded her app and have been so impressed by how positive the atmosphere is on the forums. Everyone is welcome and encouraged; I scrolled through people’s pictures and comments for ages and didn’t see a single negative comment or even the slightest element of body shaming! It’s really is about everyone being who they are and doing what they want to feel comfortable in their own skin. It’s about being healthy rather than trying to fit some unrealistic ideal and god knows we need more of that in the world!

One thought on “Random Round Up

  1. Love Cassey Ho & Blogilates! When I first saw her (edited) picture captioned “the perfect body”, I was aghast. I thought Cassey was promoting that horrible image of the “perfect” body. But watching her video proved me wrong–she was actually campaigning against it.

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