Love is…

Yesterday marked 11 years since one of my best friends became more than ‘just friends’. We have had the most amazing 11 years and I couldn’t be more excited for all the time to come. 

I think the words above ring true not only for romance but for love as well. Anybody can fall in love. To stay in love means choosing to love every day. Even when you’ve had a long day or they’re in a bad mood. Love is in forgiving them when they snap at you for no reason, and in them forgiving you when you do it back. Love is in offering to make the dinner, even when you’ve had a bad day because you know theirs was bad too. 

Love is in the little things. Love is in bringing them breakfast in bed one Sunday because they’re engrossed in their book and don’t want to move. Love is putting your book down or switching off your favourite TV show to ask how their day was. Love is in really listening to the answer. 

Love is trying to make an effort to be interested in things, that don’t necessarily interest you, because you know it’s important to them. Love is remembering everyday things like the big meeting they had at work or their doctors appointment and checking how it went. Love is saying I love you, often, and for no reason other than to remind them how much they mean.

Love is spending real time together, having fun, being silly, laughing and experiencing everything in life, big or small, good or bad. Love is allowing each other space to do your own thing, recognising that no matter how head over heels you are, or how long you’ve been together, that you are still individuals and you both need ‘me time’ as well as ‘us time’.

Love is kissing goodbye every time you part, no matter for how short a time.

In fact I have found that, like most things in life, love is what you make it.

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