Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils

Oh, hello stranger. Fancy meeting you here! It’s that time of year again, summer is over, first week of the new term is done and I’m back after a summer holiday blog break.

2015 has brought me a truly lovely summer filled with all sorts of exciting things. Here, let me show you…

There was sunshine(!) and walks around lovely places. An epic anniversary celebration at the posh picnic concert at Tatton Park. (Being serenaded by the fabulous Hallé orchestra whilst eating fancy food, finished off with fireworks and pomp and circumstance is definitely they way to celebrate!) There was also a traction engine rally at Astley Park! (Yay merry-go-round!)

There were more lovely walks and peaceful places, as well as lots of time with my gorgeous and adorable godson and one of my very best friends.

There was a fabulous (albeit exhausting) three day drip to London with hubby and the in-laws in celebration of lovely sister-in-law’s 30th birthday. Lots of fun was had by all, and afterwards, we slept.


There was an incredibly exciting trip to Chester Zoo. We saw all sorts of beautiful creatures – my favourite was the red panda!! So cute!

There was discovering new places, including a magical fairy den!! There was blackberry picking and canal walking and to finish it all off an absolutely awesome concert featuring Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear and Sufjan Stevens!

Over the course of the holiday it is also possible I may have developed a teensy obsession with Instagram…or more accurately, bookstagram.

Yes, I am now one of those people who takes posey pictures of their books. Yes, I do sometimes feel a little ridiculous whilst setting these shots up. But I regret nothing because LOOK HOW PRETTY!!

Ok, so when I say teensy obsession I may have been underplaying it…still no regrets though!


I have always found books to be calming; not just to read but to look at and be around. Turns out, looking at pictures of books is equally calming and taking pictures of books is oddly satisfying. It’s my new favourite hobby! I am officially a bookwormdancer.☺️

Another favourite thing to do, that I have done more of over the summer, is to write. Not for blogging or any other purpose but just for the sake of writing. Another very satisfying pastime that I sincerely hope to keep making time for.

And so here we are. September again and whilst a large proportion of my school working friends are mourning the end of the summer, I am secretly cheering inside because, lovely though the summer was, I now get to go back to a job I adore, with people I admire; I get to buy stationery and school supplies (because that’s what you do in September) and most of all it means autumn is coming! *cheers* Bring on the jumpers and scarves and boots and bonfires and hot chocolate and soups! Autumn is the best time of year.

As always, I hope you are well. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils, if only I knew your name and address. Hey, it’s the thought that counts!

What was the best bit of your summer?

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