Self Portrait

As mentioned in my previous post, this summer I developed a *slight* addiction to ‘bookstagram’. Basically taking pretty pictures of bookish things. I decided to (attempt to) take part in one of the many photo challenges set up by the lovely Instagram / bookstagram community. I say attempt to because I have attempted to do photo challenges before and failed miserably after the first few days. But I like this challenge a lot so we’ll see what happens.

The challenge I chose is called #readinseptember hosted by @twobooksaday and looks like this:

Photo credit: @twobooksaday (Instagram)

I’m sharing this on here because today’s prompt was 10 facts about me, and I really liked how it turned out! It ended up having the longest caption ever so, although I did still post the whole thing on instagram, I thought it was almost more appropriate as a blog post! So here it is:


1) My family and friends are the most important thing in my life. I count my parents, brother and husband amongst my very best friends, and I love my 2 best friend like they were sisters.

2) Reading and books have been an important part of my life some before I can remember. Stories are a special kind of magic and will always be one of my favourite ways to pass the time.

3) I also have a *slight* addiction to stationery! Especially notebooks and washi tape. I love the possibility of a blank page and still prefer writing with pen and paper to typing…

4)…having said that, I do love my electronic gadgets! My kindle, iPhone and iPad all get a lot of use (browsing Pinterest and scrolling through Instagram are my favourite ways to procrastinate!)

5) Another favourite pastime is dancing, particularly ballet. I love to dance and I love to watch others dance; I think it has a similar magic to books in that it takes you out of yourself to somewhere entirely new and wonderful.

6) Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year! Autumn leaves are the prettiest thing and I love wrapping up and crunching through them.

7) One of the reasons I love autumn is because it means it’s time to break out the boots and scarves (and maybe light a bonfire)! Cosy clothes are the best.

8) I love hats! (My husband will tell you that I cannot resist trying on anything vaguely hat like – he teases me mercilessly about it.)

9) Red, in all its many shades, is my favourite colour.

10) Apart from my wedding & engagement rings, my charm bracelets are the most precious jewellery I own. I have a traditional charm bracelet, that used to be my mum’s which she gave to me, and a Troll Beads bracelet from my dad, which he brought back for me from one of his many trips abroad. They are so incredibly special, not only for who they are from, but because between them they have a charm for every significant point of my adult life.

Thanks to  @twobooksaday for the challenge! ☺️

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