Didn’t Anyone Ever Tell You…

Didn’t anyone ever tell you that you can’t fight fire with fire?

If you want to extinguish a persistent flame,

Don’t use a match to put it out.


If you want to turn that flaring spark

To a smoulder, then to ash,

You have to take away it’s fuel,

Not give it kindling to devour.


If you really want to see your home burn in an inferno,

By all means throw on the wood,

Add the paper as well (God knows theres no news in it anyway);

And whilst you’re at it

Scare someone else into stoking the flames,

Pour on some vitriol,

Then sit back,


And watch as the world explodes in hellish fire.


When you come round,

With eyebrows singed,

And see the damage you wrought,

Your house a ruin, your neighbour’s too,

You go right ahead and blame the man who built the fireplace.

That’s how it works. Right?




Once again I find myself bitterly disappointed in our government. When will they learn? Why do they insist on repeating the same mistakes, over and over? Why do they not see that their gesture of ‘strength’ comes at the cost of real lives and lasting peace? Can’t they see the irony?? Those we are fighting pick up a gun or set off a bomb in service of their beliefs. We condemn this! To show just how strongly we condemn this we’re going to pick up some guns and set off some bombs. Because we believe…what exactly do we believe in? Peace? Prosperity? Equality? Freedom?

None of these things are evident in yesterday’s decision.

So whilst our government are busy bombing their way into the Bad Decisions Hall of Fame, we, the people, have to take a stand for peace. Spread love, and hope and happiness at every possible moment. Wherever hatred is causing pain and suffering, don’t hate the perpetrators – it will do no good – instead, show love and compassion to those who are hurting, afraid, isolated, lost. Open doors and arms and hearts to the people we share this world with, regardless of any and all differences. In the end, we share more than we differ.

The decision to cause destruction, inflict pain, or kill another human being (whoever they are) will NEVER be a decision made in my name.

In a world where too many with power seem to actively seek conflict, let’s stand together. Let’s stand for peace. Didn’t anyone ever tell you? War is over, if you want it.

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