Today We Wandered

Today we wandered through the nearby fields. The sun was blazing in the sky and there was barely a sound in the air. Lush and green, the grass spread away before us, broken by vibrant yellow buttercups and the occasional splash of violet. I didn’t know the name of those purple flashes, I will have to look it up.

The air was warm and still, a comforting presence. We watched a heron soaring over the trees, surprisingly graceful in the sky. A trio of mallards flew in perfect syncronisation over the field where we threw a tennis ball for our borrowed dog. He managed to find the only muddy puddle in sight and didn’t hesitate a moment before revelling in his discovery. Clever boy!

We passed from one field to the next through a hedgerow tunnel, the sunlight dappling down through the arched branches to lay it’s pattern of light and warmth on the bare earth beneath. The quiet murmuring of a brook wound its way through the peace and quiet, luring otherwise well behaved dogs into mischief. 

Leaving the green behind us, we wandered back towards home, admiring the houses we passed, with their colourful stained glass windows and stately wooden doors. The sunshine followed us home and though once we reached it our feet were still, our minds continued to wander…

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