Hogwarts Helps the Homeless

It’s been a long, tiring, albeit rewarding week. But instead of curling up to fall asleep on the sofa with a book on my face I’ve venturd back out to support Smith Goodfellow PR in their latest charity endeavour.

This year, the SG team have undertaken another series of extraordinary events to raise money and awareness in support of two homeless charities: The Wellspring Kitchen and CRASH. So far they have embarked on a 5k colour run, climbed the Welsh Three Peaks, and held a car boot sale and I’m joining in for as many events as I can. Today’s event is a 24 hour, Harry Potter themed, stationary bike ride. Because the Hogwarts community would DEFINTIELY help the homeless. And we think it’s hugely important too.

You can read about what has motivated the SG team over on their blog, and you can donate to The Wellspring Kitchen here and CRASH here.

It’s devastating that so many people in our country are facing homelessness. We must do more to protect and support each other and a small donation to one of these charities can go a long way. Please consider giving whatever you can to support. It could so easily be one of us.

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