Unconventional Wisdom

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of attending TEDxManchester. It was a fascinating, inspiring day and my brain is still mulling over all the interesting ideas that were presented. Eventually – when I’ve had time to fully digest the day – I will write a post sharing some of my favourite ideas and take-aways. As I’ve been letting it all swirl around in my head, the core theme of the day – Unconventional Wisdom – kept coming back to me and, slowly, the poem below emerged. So until I get around to a proper write up, I leave you with this:

It’s time

To thinkstep outside

That box.

The one you didn’t even know

Was there

But which is starting to cramp

Your styledream.

I know,

When you look at it,

You see those huge black walls

And think

No one can possibly climb them.

The walls lie.

They’re nothing more

Than pencil smudges.

You only need to


And you will see from a different












Suddenly, your confidence

Lends you height,

And you’re looking down on those




And you realise

They – in all their insignificance –

Are all that stands

Between you

And a glorious

Blank page.

7 thoughts on “Unconventional Wisdom

  1. Wonderful post! It’s ironic that your perspective line was written out like that as I’ve been considering getting a tattoo exactly like that. Anyway, it’s finally the time where I acknowledge that I’m the only person standing in my way and your hope really helped me see that,
    Great read!
    xo BC

  2. Such beautiful words! Suddenly, your confidence lends you height – how true!!! I’m looking forward to reading all about the talk! xxx

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