Wild & Improbable Tales – Which Way Up?

All it took was one step, one sip, one tumble down the rabbit hole, one big shrink spurt for everything to change.

It always struck me as strange that a nonsense world could make so much sense. Even the vicious queen in her house of cards is not so bad as she seems – after all, what’s so scary about an empire that can be toppled by a poof of breath from a grinning feline?

A little lick of magic makes for a wonderful change of perspective and it turns out the undersides of daisies are just as magnificent as clouds. Even more so, in fact, because the flowers – unlike the clouds – can carry a conversation and won’t rain on my parade. The more I think about it the more I Wonder…

Was it Alice that fell, or me?

Lying here, in this brillig world, with momeraths all around and buttercups smiling down at me, I feel myself shrink to the size of a pinhead. Tiny in my insignificance. But all this gyring just goes to show that I’m so much bigger in the inside.

I no longer know which way is up.

“You’re a storyteller. Dream up something wild and improbable,” she pleaded. “Something beautiful and full of monsters.”

Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Inspired by Erin Morgenstern’s Flax-Golden Tales, I have decided to embark on my own creative writing blog series, “Wild & Improbable Tales”, as a way to write more freely and more frequently. At least once a week, I will choose a card at random from The School Of Life‘s ‘Small Pleasures’ box and use the image and/or writing on the back to inspire a short piece of creative writing. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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