Here & Now

Outside my window… the sky is a bruised grey and sends down a smattering of rain – the first in a few days. Everything seems sleepy. My own reluctance to leave my cosy bed echoed in the world outside.

I am thinking… about how different life has been these last couple of months and how much impact one change can have.

I am thankful… for my new job, the opportunities it is bringing, the people I get to spend my days with and the change of pace it has allowed me.

In the kitchen… right now there’s nothing happening. I’ll be leaving for work in a few minutes and then in the office kitchen there will be a freshly boiled kettle waiting (our office runs on hot drinks) and I’ll be making myself my new favourite breakfast: granola with fruit and yoghurt. A proper breakfast every day is just one of the luxuries I’m enjoying since I changed jobs.

I am wearing… black skinny jeans, black and white stripy top, boots. (Another lovely perk: being able to wear whatever I want.)

I am creating… a collection of short stories and poetry (which I have fallen in love with); blog posts; and now, every day, different things for work – press releases, blog posts, social media strategies. It is nice to be constantly creating.

I am going… to explore more veggie recipes. I’ve been increasingly drawn to vegetarian eating recently and, whilst I don’t think I’ll be going full veggie, I’m enjoying my reductionist eating and look forward to discovering new dishes.

I am wondering… what life might look like a year from now.

I am reading… The Binding, She Is Fierce, Thief’s Magic, The Joy of Mindful Writing, First We Make The Beast Beautiful, The Guilty Feminist.

I am praying for… those amongst my friends and family who are struggling, suffering, have received bad news, are going through change. There seems to be a lot of this around at the moment.

I am hoping… that this is the start of the future I’ve been working towards.

I am looking forward to… everything.

I am learning… new things every day.

Around the house… things are at that point of balance that is not quite tidy but not quite fallen into chaos – just the everyday evidence of a lived in home.

I am pondering… nothing. Just enjoying the rare quiet behind my eyes.

A favourite quote for today…

“If I waited for perfection I would never write a word.”

A few plans for the rest of the week:




Enjoy the clam.

A peek into my day…

What does your here and now look like?

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