Hello lovely person! You found my blog. This is me, Jen, and this is my little corner of the web.

Life can be pretty chaotic can’t it? And I often find that even when life isn’t that chaotic, I am! My head is full to bursting with things whizzing round; ideas, plans, hopes, dreams, fears and random bits of information I’m not quite sure how I came to know. And yet for all the chaos, I thrive.

So this is my little space to share the journey, to create, inspire and connect. Thanks for visiting.

A bit about me…

Twenty-something Brit. Manchester girl. Lover of books, chocolate, good food, good company, good conversation, music, films, art and sleep. Pinterest addict, dancer, wannabe artist. Daughter of outstanding parents, sister to a ridiculously talented brother and wife to an amazing man, who I am fairly sure is completely insane.

By day: trying to control the chaos occurring in a small corner of a rather large secondary school, whilst hopefully inspiring a love of English.

By night: dreaming of being a creative something whilst being a failed domestic goddess.

Come join in the fun!


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