It’s #TimeToTalk – Panic Attacks

Image found here. Darkness closing in. Limbs trembling. Heart racing. Creeping cold over my skin and raging bubbling fire in the pit of my stomach. Palms sweating. Crippling fear of...who knows what? Everything. Nothing. A sense of detachment, removal from what's around me. Feeling both smothered and exposed. Vulnerable. Mind wheeling in dizzying circles. Nausea [...]

Something Out in Nature

Today's prompt is simply a photo of something out in nature. With all the beautiful sunshine around I have many recent nature-y photos on my camera roll. I chose this one of one of the many lovely views around Alderley Edge, where we had a very happy day at the weekend, and where I have [...]

100 Happy Days

If you haven't yet come across the #100happydays challenge you should pop over here right now and check it out. I started the challenge on Sunday and you can see some of my happy pictures over on Instagram under @jene87. I'm usually completely rubbish at keeping up with daily things - I've started the photo-a-day [...]