Published Work

To my great joy and continuing bemusement, as of August 2019, I became a published writer. You can find my published works listed below – a list I hope to continue adding to as time goes by. Thank you to everyone who has supported my writing journey.

Thrive – Poetry, Prose & Illustration

My debut book, Thrive, was published on 9th December 2019. It is an illustrated collection of poetry and prose, capturing all the grit and glory of life: odes to the highs, laments to the lows, reality under a lens and pure flights of fantasy for when you want to escape. This little book is for anyone who has ever felt the chaos of life overwhelm them but clings to the will to thrive anyway.

It is available in paperback or e-book right here.

Hidden Voice Anthology: Volume 1

Published in August 2019, the Hidden Voice Anthology: Volume One features the collected works of poets from all walks of life. I am truly honoured to have two poems included in this magnificent collection.

“The name ‘Hidden Voice Publishing’ reflects the essential need to make our collective stories and voices heard and that is what we hope to do with this publication. In this world, there are dominant voices that always seem to speak the loudest. These voices are homogenous, and they often control the narratives in which we are all framed. Within in the pages of this collection, you will instead find Hidden Voices that also believe that they have something to say. These are the voices that no longer wish to be invisible and the voices that demand to be noticed. The world in 2019 can be a bleak place and many of us often feel unseen and unheard. Take the stories in these pages to your heart; stand with us to fight for our freedoms and celebrate our differences. “

You can buy the anthology in paperback or e-book here.