It’s #TimeToTalk – Some Days Are Hard

Image found here. It's true. Some days are just hard. You know what's also true? There is hope in tomorrow. So don't take a bad day and equate it to a bad life. don't even take a bad run of days and equate it to a bad life. There is hope in tomorrow. Leave the [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – Take Care Of You

Image found here. We don't often give ourselves permission to put our own needs first. We should though. How can we possibly expect to be the best version of ourselves if we are neglecting to take care of our own needs? How can we possibly expect to be able to support others to the best [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – What Is Normal?

Image found here. When we are struggling with mental health it is easy to fall into the trap of wishing to be 'normal'. Wishing to be like everyone else. Believing that because we struggle we are somehow not normal. Well normal is an illusion. What is 'normal' for the spider is chaos for the fly. [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – Focus

Image found here. This is vital. This is absolutely vital. This is sometimes also MUCH easier said than done. But this is what we must strive for, always. Focus on the good. Even if the only good you can find is seemingly tiny insignificant things: finding a parking space, having the right change, getting through [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – War

Image found here. Too often the issue of mental health is brushed aside. Too often people misunderstand that when suffering with mental illness we cannot just 'pull ourselves together' and that we are in fact 'making an effort', and a bigger one than could possibly be imagined if you haven't experienced it. This is why [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – Getting Out Of Bed

Image found here. Being a person is hard. Getting out of bed is hard. Sometimes when we are struggling with our mental health the thought of getting out of bed seems like the most monumental of tasks, magian to achieve it seems like a minor miracle. So go easy on yourself. And we should definitely [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – You Are Terribly Real

Image found here. This world can be terribly false and so much of that is because of fear. Fear of being real, fear that the people we actually are are somehow lacking or not good enough. This is why we so often find ourselves in pain. Afraid to say "I am not perfect. This is [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – Some Conversations are Scary

  Image found here. Some conversations are scary but ones about mental health shouldn't be. Mental health affects us all and we need to reach out to each other in openness, honesty and a spirit of humanity to end discrimination and stigma around mental health and mental illness. Take 5 today and start the conversation. [...]