It’s #TimeToTalk Creating Opportunities

In order to encourage more open conversations around mental health, and breakdown the stigma surrounding it, we all need to take responsibility for creating opportunities where those conversations can occur. There are so many ways to do that but right now I'm going to share with you one of my favourites that is currently happening [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk Staying Anchored

  I am tossed back and forth on stormy seas. Certainty, Fear, Inadequacy, Elation, Inspiration, Buffeted by indecision, Buoyed up by hope. Too many winds to follow. They fight for my attention, Brewing up a storm in the Tiny Infinite spaces In my head. In my heart. The mundane and the magical Are one. Both [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk Rising Up

As the sun will rise with each new day, so will I. As the moon will rise with each new night, so will I. As the waters rise with the tide, As the birds rise on a breeze, As a song rises on breath, So will I. JH   Even when it feels like the [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk About The Little Things

In the same way that periods of mental ill health can be triggered by little things (or nothing at all), it can also be the little things that help get us through and feel a little better. They might be little things we can do ourselves or little things other can do for us. Here [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk Reasons Why

One of the things that can be hardest about coming to terms with and learning to manage a mental health problem is the guilt that often accompanies it. We feel like there should be a reason why we feel anxious or depressed or whatever it is we are feeling. Not only like there should be [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk Silence

  Why is it so difficult to talk about mental health? Why do so many people stay silent? How have we ended up with a society that seems to encourage this silence? Although mental health has increasingly been in the spotlight in recent years - in the media, literature, entertainment, schools, and politics - it [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – This Is For You

For everyone who has fought and fought and fought and found - just when they thought the fight was won - that they have been knocked down and have to struggle up again.   For everyone who has felt and felt and felt and found - just when they thought there was no more to [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk

Hello there, friend. It's time to talk. Every year, on the first Thursday in February, Time To Change heads up #timetotalk day. Time To Change is an organisation dedicated to ending the stigma and discrimination around mental health, and the #timetotalk campaign is all about opening up conversations, giving people the opportunity to speak openly [...]

It’s nearly #TimeToTalk

Tomorrow is Time to Talk day. It's time to start some conversations about mental health and break down barriers to open discussion. It's time to end mental health discrimination and stigma. Take 5 minutes from your day tomorrow to have a conversation about mental health, send a message, share a tweet, post on Facebook, write [...]