It’s #TimeToTalk Coping

Image found here. This is a post I shared three years ago that I thought was worth re-sharing, with a few tweaks. I've mentioned some little things that can be helpful in coping with bad days. There's one thing in particular that I have found helps me cope with anxiety and ward off depression. The [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk Creating Opportunities

In order to encourage more open conversations around mental health, and breakdown the stigma surrounding it, we all need to take responsibility for creating opportunities where those conversations can occur. There are so many ways to do that but right now I'm going to share with you one of my favourites that is currently happening [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk Recommended Reads – Reasons To Stay Alive

My second recommendation to you is Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig. This is a frankly wonderful book; profound, honest, relatable, heartbreaking and amusing all at once. Haig's unflinching account of his experiences of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts is raw, moving, and strangely uplifting. He gets right to the heart of [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk Staying Anchored

  I am tossed back and forth on stormy seas. Certainty, Fear, Inadequacy, Elation, Inspiration, Buffeted by indecision, Buoyed up by hope. Too many winds to follow. They fight for my attention, Brewing up a storm in the Tiny Infinite spaces In my head. In my heart. The mundane and the magical Are one. Both [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – How Are You…Really?

Here’s a musing for your consideration: How often do we ask or answer the question “how are you”? How often do we give an honest answer? How often do we ask, genuinely hoping to hear an honest answer? Next time you are asked, “How are you?”, try offering just a little more honesty than you [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk Recommended Resources – Flow

As part of this series I wanted to share some recommendations for books, apps, and other resources that I have found helpful or interesting, and this is my first. If you’ve read my blog or followed my Instagram account for any length of time, you’ll know of my love for Flow Magazine. In recent years, [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk Meditation

When I was little and couldn’t sleep because of bad dreams, or the fear of bad dreams, my parents would sit by my bed, brushing the hair gently from my face, and in slow soft voices talk me through a meditation that would help me relax and dream good dreams. I still use it to [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk Rising Up

As the sun will rise with each new day, so will I. As the moon will rise with each new night, so will I. As the waters rise with the tide, As the birds rise on a breeze, As a song rises on breath, So will I. JH   Even when it feels like the [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk About The Little Things

In the same way that periods of mental ill health can be triggered by little things (or nothing at all), it can also be the little things that help get us through and feel a little better. They might be little things we can do ourselves or little things other can do for us. Here [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk Reasons Why

One of the things that can be hardest about coming to terms with and learning to manage a mental health problem is the guilt that often accompanies it. We feel like there should be a reason why we feel anxious or depressed or whatever it is we are feeling. Not only like there should be [...]