It’s #TimeToTalk

Hello there, friend. It's time to talk. Every year, on the first Thursday in February, Time To Change heads up #timetotalk day. Time To Change is an organisation dedicated to ending the stigma and discrimination around mental health, and the #timetotalk campaign is all about opening up conversations, giving people the opportunity to speak openly [...]

2017’s Top Ten(ish) Books

I did not read as many books in 2017 as I would have liked. In fact, I was a whole 20 books of meeting my Goodreads challenge! In spite of that, 2017 was a really good reading year and I discovered some new favourite authors and some new favourite books. I can never pick ONE [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – Surviving

Image found here. Never forget that your capacity to survive has got you this far. There is always hope in tomorrow. You are here and you are wonderful. You are part of an incredible universe and your place in it is just as important as the moons and the stars and the planets. You are [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – Emerging From Shadow

You think it will never end. You cower in shadow, fear and doubt, huddled in the corners of your own mind. Some days you are screaming inside "LET ME OUT" "MAKE IT STOP" "SOMEONE HELP"... Some days you are numb. Empty. The void itself. Alternately wracked with pain and removed from all feeling. You know [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – Fear

Image found here. Fear can be a crippling thing. It's even worse when the thing you fear is a part of yourself because there is no running and hiding. How can you run from yourself? We have a tendency to follow ourselves wherever we go. And then it becomes a vicious circle because not only [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – Children’s Emotional Health

It's vitally important to remember that children are just as vulnerable to mental illness as adults are. In fact their emotional well being when younger is claimed to be the most important factor in determining satisfaction in adulthood. Have a gander at this article, exploring what the latest research says. The emotional and mental wellbeing [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – What’s Saving Your Life?

Image found here. In my experience it has not been big things that have changed my attitude towards mental health but a thousand tiny things and a millions tiny moments. These tiny things and tiny moments saved my life. They have given me the strength and courage to seriously consider my mental state and do [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – Knowing The Signs

Because there is so much stigma around mental health and mental illness, we can often be in denial about when it's time to reach out for help. We also may not recognise the signs because they just aren't widely recognised or understood. Make yourself aware. Read this article, it may help you recognise your own [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – Coping

Image found here. I've talked a little about some of my coping mechanisms for panic attacks in an earlier post. There's one thing in addition to those that I have found helps me cope with anxiety and ward off depression. The arts. Any and all. I love to dance, and beating the hell out of [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – Anxiety

Anxiety sucks. I'm not talking about the anxious moments we all have before exams or interviews etc. I'm talking about anxiety when it becomes a dark shadow pervading through every corner of your life. Strangling everything with thoughts of worst case scenarios and what-ifs. We're told it's our fault, that we should stop worrying, think [...]