Ode to Another Week

Monday yawns and

Lifts a lazy head.

Time for coffee…

Or five more in bed?

Tuesday insists that

It’s Thursday already –

I’m work worn and

Emails just might overwhelm me.

Wednesday declares that

The worst is behind us

But lengthening to-do lists

Push next order of business.

Thursday is buzzing –

The weekend’s in sight –

But then, deadline looming,

Works late through the night.

Friday arrives with

Dishevelled relief.

Just sod the unfinished

Let’s dance! (Or let’s sleep…)

Saturday stretches

With languorous delight

And hours to fill

However they like.

Sunday awakes,

Good intentions so steady.

With a smile and frown

Sighs ‘Nearly Monday, already.’

Off On The Right Foot

Hello world! Long time no see.

It’s Monday. It’s the last week of work before half term. It’s MONTHS since I’ve blogged anything. I want to change that. I miss my blog! I seem to struggle to find time for a lot of things at the moment so it’s time to MAKE time.

On a different note, change is in the air…I don’t know what or how or when, but I can feel it.

Off On the Right Foot

I am often awed by the beauty and power of language; it’s amazing to me that although words are little more than sounds in our throats or squiggles on a page they exert such an influence over us. They move us to tears or laughter. They prompt contemplation where there was none. They create images as real as any picture and they speak to our soul.

Truly, if you can find the right words, and get them in the right order, you can nudge the world.

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Off On the Right Foot


I will find joy in the ordinary. 

I will find joy in every-day things; in books and pencils, clear desks and new notebooks; in filled pages and young minds, sunny days and spring rain; in early mornings and good nights’ sleep; in solitude and company, activity and rest, nostalgia and anticipation of good things yet to come.

I will find joy in the ordinary because it is there to be found.

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Off On the Right Foot


It is important to remember that we should bring each other light, not judgement. It is important we remember to act as models in our communities; being the best of ourselves, rather than criticising others.

“Be a light, not a judge. Be a model, not a critic” – Stephen Covey

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Off On the Right Foot…ish…

I have so much to do at this moment in time. As always, I have exercised my considerable powers of procrastination to put off things I really should have done some time ago…and yet somehow, even with deadlines looming, I still manage to become distracted by books. Read one more chapter. Browse the book blogs. Add another 20 titles to my wishlist. It goes on and on and on. So today (even though I have actually been very productive) this quick note is my life in a nutshell. Does it seem familiar?