It’s #TimeToTalk – Surviving

At it's worst, whatever form it takes, mental illness can make it feel like you can't possibly survive the day. Breathing stops being a simple, unconscious act and becomes a wearying labour. Getting out of bed feels like being dumped at Everest Base Camp with no warning and being told to climb to the top. [...]

My Beloved Monster And Me

I have written, deleted and rewritten the opening lines of this post so many times I lost count. I have had a few days of severe anxiety and very little sleep, and as part of my efforts to honestly express what I'm feeling I wanted to write something describing my experiences. Verbalising (or in this [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk Rising Up

As the sun will rise with each new day, so will I. As the moon will rise with each new night, so will I. As the waters rise with the tide, As the birds rise on a breeze, As a song rises on breath, So will I. JH   Even when it feels like the [...]

It’s #TimeToTalk – Surviving

Image found here. Never forget that your capacity to survive has got you this far. There is always hope in tomorrow. You are here and you are wonderful. You are part of an incredible universe and your place in it is just as important as the moons and the stars and the planets. You are [...]