Wild & Improbable Tales – Death Becomes You

"Death becomes you, my dear..." Her whispered words were cold against my cheek; her embrace a steely grip wrapped in cashmere. She stepped away, still holding my shoulders in her iron talons. Her cherubic face tilted as she regarded me, the ghost of an enigmatic smile tugging at the corners of her lips. Blinking, I [...]

Wild & Improbable Tales – A Ghost Of Warmth

At first, it looks like a room full of people. With a languorous certainty, they circulate, moving like the inexorable grace of a glacier, the entrancing dance of the fire. And then you notice something strange: there are no heads, no hands, no legs. They are a sea of jumpers and sweaters, moving as though [...]

Wild & Improbable Tales – When The Rain Falls

The first time she had stood, unnoticed, on the street corner, the city had barely been a hamlet. Now the rush and bustle of a metropolis surrounded her: the neon lights and constant hubbub buzzing like flies in the periphery of her vision. She had stood on this spot on the same day each year [...]

Wild & Improbable Tales – Shadows in The Dark

The candle had been burning for weeks. No-one dared blow it out. It had just appeared one day; the simple, stone mausoleum, previously abandoned to time, suddenly lit with a flickering warmth that illuminated the empty interior. With the light came shadows. At first, they were simply the ordinary shadows one would expect: the solid [...]

Wild & Improbable Tales – Silent Melody

Her hands fluttered at her chest; a delicate, hummingbird movement that those who didn't know her would think showed nervousness. But he did know her. He watched her fingers beat the rhythm of an unheard melody and knew that her mind was a riot of harmonies and movement, not fear. His eyes followed the gentle [...]

Wild & Improbable Tales – Beautiful Misfits

The trees thought they had seen it all. Their collective consciousness had watched the world through its centuries of seasons; observed the heavens wheeling overhead in arcs of millennia-old starlight and moonshine; held their steady gaze when dragons walked the earth; stood tall through all the ages and beheld the emergence of humanity.  They never [...]