Book Review: Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez

Read. This. Book.

Invisible Women should be compulsory reading for everyone. Regardless of profession, walk of life, man, woman, child – everyone should read it.

I am not normally a big fan of non-fiction as I often find it difficult to get into but this book is SO interesting…and SO enraging. I would have considered myself to be pretty well aware of the various injustices and difficulties, both big and small, faced by women around the world today. And then I read this book.


It turns out that all the things I thought I knew about gender inequality were barely a scattering of snow on the tip of a really frigging huge iceberg. I don’t even know where to begin. There is so much in this book that makes me go OH! THAT EXPLAINS SO MUCH! and also makes me go WHAT THE ACTUAL F***?!?! as well as a lot of 🧐😩🤬😤🤯😱🤔😑😵🤢😢😭😒🤨.

It is fascinating and appalling and completely enlightening. 

Caroline Criado Perez writes in an accessible and relatable way and presents an incredible amount of research and information in a straightforward way. She manages to convey the essentials without it being overwhelming and you will undoubtedly find yourself Googling the many pieces of research included to find out more. Taking in examples from around the world and across the decades, this book is an eye-opening look into how gender inequalities and a lack of sex disaggregated data plagues everything from medical research to snow-ploughing policies. (Yep. Really.)

I want to press Invisible Women into the hands of everybody and stand over them until they read it BUT that’s creepy and impractical so instead I’m just going to shout at everybody to GO READ THIS BOOK!!! I hope it makes you angry. I hope it makes you want to change things. I hope it makes you more aware of the realities that we are living with and that you do your bit to acknowledge and address it.

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