Welcome to Thrive In Chaos


Hello lovely person! You found my website. This is me, Jen, and this is my little corner of the web.

Life can be pretty chaotic can’t it? And I often find that even when life isn’t that chaotic, I am! My head is full to bursting with things whizzing round; ideas, plans, hopes, dreams, fears and random bits of information I’m not quite sure how I came to know. And yet for all the chaos, I thrive.

So this is my little space to share the journey, to create, inspire and connect. Posts range from snippets of creative writing, reviews and recommendations, general musings and reflections to mental health advocacy and sharing educational resources. Hopefully there will be something here for you.

Thanks for visiting.

A bit about me…

Thirty-something Brit. Manchester girl. Lover of books, chocolate, good food, good company, good conversation, music, films, art and sleep. Voracious reader, Pinterest and Instagram addict, bookstagrammer, dancer, artist, poet, educator, freelance writer and aspiring novelist. Daughter of outstanding parents, sister to a ridiculously talented brother and wife to an amazing man, who I am fairly sure is completely insane.

By day: trying to control the chaos occurring in a small corner of a rather large secondary school, whilst hopefully inspiring a love of English.

By night: dreaming of being a creative something whilst being a failed domestic goddess.

Come join the fun!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Thrive In Chaos

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